Life is Short Quotes Part 3

Many people spend their entire lives worrying that they are not doing enough with their time. They wonder if they will ever get the chance to do what they really want before it is too late.

This is a shame because life doesn’t last long enough for most of us anyway. It’s difficult for any one person to see the big picture and know what they should do with their time.

That’s why it’s important to take some time to think about what you want out of life. What are your goals? What makes you happy? What would you like to do more of? Once you have a good idea of what you want, start making a plan to achieve it.

It’s important to be realistic about what you can achieve and to break your goals down into smaller steps that you can work on overtime. Don’t try to do everything all at once – that’s a sure way to set yourself up for disappointment.

Start by doing something that’s important to you, and that will help you move closer to your goals. Then keep moving forward, one step at a time. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish if you just try.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – just begin somewhere. The most important thing is to get started and keep moving forward. And remember, it’s never too late to achieve your goals. So don’t wait any longer – start working on your dreams today!

This is part 3 of our “life is short quotes” series. Here’s part 1 and part 2.

Life is short for those who are truly able to understand that one day the entire world will come to a complete end. Not everyone is capable of that. Not everyone has the ability to comprehend what going away for all eternity really implies. There are too many distractions, hour by hour, minute by minute, to hinder such an understanding.

Jostein Gaarder

It is very wonderful to see persons of the best sense passing hours together in shuffling and dividing a pack of cards with no conversation but what is made up of a few game-phrases, and no other ideas but those of black or red spots arranged together in different figures. Would not a man laugh to hear any one of his species complaining that life is short?

Joseph Addison

I directed one of my shorts that did festivals around the world, and that was great. I’ve got a bit of a bug for that now. I just hope I keep challenging myself and keep doing stuff that interests me with people who I respect and who teach me stuff. If I can keep doing that in anything – acting, writing, directing or whatever – I’ll do it because life is short.

Josh Lawson

I hear what many of you are saying: We don’t have the time, we are busy. Well Nobody Has Time, Everyone Is Busy. In the time it took you to read this post, your life just got a minute shorter. That is precisely why we read (and why some of us write): because life is short and finite, we want more, and literature is the distillation of all those lives we will not lead.

Jessica Zafra

A lot of people are not used to having death in their lives or anything like that and I think that’s not incredibly natural either. So it definitely can take its toll. At the same time, I think it’s important to face your own mortality, which I do most every day by doing the show, to realize that your life is short and to take the opportunities that you need to take and be fearless.

Emily Deschanel

The saying is, life is short, but what if it’s not? But if life is short, is this how you would like to spend your last days? And if life is long, is this how you want to spend 50, 60, or 70 years? Being ashamed? Being quiet? Hoping no one notices you? Not telling the truth? Walking around heavy? If I die in my sleep tonight, God forbid, I am happy with how I’ve lived my life. I’ve lived it truthfully.

Karrine Steffans

You might think, ‘I’ve got time to follow my dreams.’ You don’t have time. Life is short. The current life expectancy is 24,869 days. While some of us will live more days and some fewer, either way you have only a precious number of days to live this life, and so you do not have time to put off your dreams. It is now or never. If you don’t do it now, you will keep putting it off, and you’ll never do it. The time is now!

Rhonda Byrne

The art of not reading is a very important one. It consists in not taking an interest in whatever may be engaging the attention of the general public at any particular time. When some political or ecclesiastical pamphlet, or novel, or poem is making a great commotion, you should remember that he who writes for fools always finds a large public. A precondition for reading good books is not reading bad ones: for life is short.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Remember that life’s length is not measured by its hours and days, but by that which we have done therein. A useless life is short if it lasts a century. There are greater and better things in us all, if we would find them out. There will always be in this world – wrongs. No wrong is really successful. The day will come when light and truth and the just and the good shall be victorious and wrong as evil will be no more forever.

Walter Breuning

Life is short and tedious, and is wholly spent in wishing; we trust to find rest and enjoyment at some future time, often at an age when our best blessings, youth and health, have already left us. When at last I that time has arrived, it surprises us in the midst of fresh desires; we have got no farther when we are attacked by a fever which kills us; if we had been cured, it would only have been to give us more time for other desires.

Jean de la Bruyere

Procrastinating is number three on my Stupid List. You still end up exactly where you didn’t want to be, doing exactly what you didn’t want to do, withe the only difference being that you lost all that time in between, during which you could have been doing something fun. Even worse, you probably stayed in a stressed-out, crappy mood the whole time you were avoiding it. If you know something is inevitable, do it and get it over with. Move on. Life is short.

Karen Marie Moning

Remember: Life is short, break the rules (they were made to be broken) Forgive quickly, kiss slowly Love truly, laugh uncontrollably And never regret anything that makes you smile. The clouds are lined with silver and the glass is half full (though the answers won’t be found at the bottom) Don’t sweat the small stuff, You are who you are meant to be, Dance as if no one’s watching, Love as if it’s all you know, Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today

James Dean

Look. We both know life is short, Macy. Too short to waste a single second with anyone who doesn’t appreciate and value you.” You said the other day life was long,” I shot back. “Which is it?” It’s both,” she said, shrugging. “It all depends on how you choose to live it. It’s like forever, always changing.” Nothing can be two opposite things at once,” I said. “It’s impossible.” No,” she replied, squeezing my hand, “what’s impossible is that we actually think it could be anything OTHER than that.

Sarah Dessen

I understand that each one of us works at a different speed, and has a slightly different process. I understand that these writers are painstaking, wanting each sentence-each word-to carry weight… I know it’s not laziness, but respect for the work, and I understand from my own work that haste makes waste. But I also understand that life is short and that in the end, none of us is prolific. The creative spark dims, and then death puts it out. William Shakespeare, for instance, hasn’t produced a new play for 400 years. That, my friends, is a long dry spell.

Stephen King

For they told you life is hard Misery from the start, It’s dull, it’s slow, it’s painful But I tell you life is sweet In spite of the misery There’s so much more, be grateful So, who will you believe Who will you listen to Who will it be ‘Cause it’s high time that you decide It’s time to make up your own Your own state of mind Oh they told you life is long Be thankful when it’s done Don’t ask for more, be grateful But I tell you life is short Be thankful because Before you know it It will be over ‘Cause life is sweet, life is also very short

Natalie Merchant

What will be the judgment a century hence concerning the lorded works of our favorite composers today? Inasmuch as nearly everything is subject to the changes of time, and – more’s the pity- the fashions of time, only that which is good and true will endure like a rock and no wanton hand will ever venture to defile it. Then, let every man do that which is right, strive with all his might towards the goal which can never be obtained, develop to the last breath the gifts with which the gracious Creator has endowed him, and never cease to learn. For life is short, art eternal.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Many people spend their entire lives worrying that they are not doing enough with their time. They wonder if they will ever get the chance to do what they really want before it is too late. This is a shame because life doesn’t last long enough for most of us anyway. It’s difficult for any…

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