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“Milk and honey” is one of the oldest expressions in the English language. It appears in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and it was used by Chaucer in the 14th century. But what does it mean?

The phrase “milk and honey” is often used to describe a place or condition of great abundance and prosperity. The image of milk and honey flowing together suggests richness and fertility. In biblical terms, milk represents the physical sustenance of life, while honey represents spiritual nourishment.

So when we say that something is “as sweet as milk and honey,” we are saying that it is incredibly delicious, satisfying, and nourishing.

Faith is like porridge. Better with milk and honey.

George R. R. Martin

In a world of smoke and ashes, you are milk and honey.


The land of milk and honey, they say it is the land of money.

Bob Dylan

Any land will flow with milk and honey if it is worked with honest hands!

Rudolfo Anaya

The vision of milk and honey, it comes and goes. But the odor of cooking goes on forever.

E. B. White

If a queen bee were crossed with a Friesian bull, would not the land flow with milk and honey?

Oliver St. John

Jerusalem the golden, with milk and honey blessed, beneath thy contemplation sink heart and voice oppressed.

John Mason Neale

Blackmail. The age-old path to the land of milk and honey. The one sure way of being paid for doing nothing.

Ursula Curtiss

In the valley of the giants where the stars and stripes explode, the peaches they were sweet and the milk and honey flowed.

Bob Dylan

If others hurl their darts against you, offer them milk and honey in return; if they poison your lives, sweeten their souls.


I said, ‘Oh, I know. If the white folks is in Heaven too, then the black angels were in the kitchen, preparing the milk and honey.’

Muhammad Ali

Anger seeks its prey,– Something to tear with sharp-edged tooth and claw, Like not to go off hungry, leaving Love To feast on milk and honeycomb at will.

George Eliot

There is no food more satiating than milk and honey; and just as such foods produce disgust for the palate, so perfumed and gallant words make our ears belch.

Pietro Aretino

In the Bible, God offered the Pharaoh freedom if he would just let the oppressed people free to go to the land of milk and honey. But the Pharaoh disobeyed, and he was destroyed.

Malcolm X

Instead of passing blithely over into that Promised Land, flowing almost literally with milk and honey, it may be our destiny to wander a full 40 years or more in the wilderness of doubt and divided sentiments.

Benjamin Graham

Lotus-land as it appears in ‘Free Will’ is simply a metaphor for an idealized background, a ‘land of milk and honey.’ It is sometimes also used as a pejorative name for Los Angeles, though that was not in my mind when I wrote it.

Neil Peart

The American people are desperately seeking a Moses to lead them out of the wilderness, back to the land of milk and honey. They thought maybe Barack Obama was the one, and when he proved to be mortal after all, they were willing to listen to anyone new.

John Yarmuth

Ireland, in breadth, and for wholesomeness and serenity of climate, far surpasses Britain; for the snow scarcely ever lies there above three days: no man makes hay in the summer for winter’s provision, or builds stables for his beasts of burden… the island abounds in milk and honey.

Venerable Bede

Texas was mostly short-grass and tall-grass prairie when modern Europeans arrived here. It really was a land of milk and honey. But when they brought all these cattle onto these relatively small bits of land, and the cattle were allowed to graze freely, they essentially destroyed the prairie.

Philipp Meyer

Even when I went to America I didn’t work for four years. It wasn’t like I came to New York and it was the land of milk and honey. It was just as much of a hard graft. But there’s a lot more opportunity nowadays across the board for actors, no matter what color you are, with the Internet and small productions.

Idris Elba

Under various names, I have praised only you, rivers! You are milk and honey and love and death and dance. From a spring in hidden grottoes, seeping from mossy rocks, Where a goddess pours live water from a pitcher, At clear streams in the meadow, where rills murmur underground, Your race and my race begin, and amazement, and quick passage.

Czeslaw Milosz

The trebling of the population in this small and impoverished country, flowing with milk and honey but not with sufficient water, rich in rocks and sand dunes but poor in natural resources and vital raw materials, has been no easy task: Indeed, practical men, with their eyes fixed upon things as they are, regarded it as an empty and insubstantial utopian dream.

David Ben-Gurion

If the world were a paradise of luxury and ease, a land flowing with milk and honey, where every Jack obtained his Jill at once and without any difficulty, men would either die of boredom or hang themselves; or there would be wars, massacres, and murders; so that in the end mankind would inflict more suffering on itself than it has now to accept at the hands of Nature.

Arthur Schopenhauer

May this marriage be blessed. May this marriage be as sweet as milk and honey.May this marriage be as intoxicating as old wine. May this marriage be fruitful like a date tree. May this marriage be full of laughter and every day a paradise. May this marriage be a seal of compassion for here and hereafter.May this marriage be as welcome as the full moon in the night sky. Listen, lovers, now you go on, as I become silent and kiss this blessed night.


When we are going to enter the water … in the presence of the congregation and under the hand of the president, we solemnly profess that we disown the devil, his pomp, and his angels. After this we are immersed three times, making a somewhat larger pledge than the Lord appointed in the Gospel. Then we are taken up [a reference to the Roman tradition of recognizing a newborn baby as a member of the family]. We first taste a mixture of milk and honey and from that day we refrain from the daily bath for a whole week.


I wish to see the sons and daughters of the world in Peace and busily employed in the more agreeable amusement of fulfilling the first and great commandment, Increase and Multiply : as an encouragement to which we have opened the fertile plains of the Ohio to the poor, the needy and the oppressed of the Earth; any one therefore who is heavy laden, or who wants land to cultivate, may repair thither and abound, as in the Land of promise, with milk and honey: the ways are preparing, and the roads will be made easy, thro’ the channels of Potomac and James river.

George Washington

You risked your life, but what else have you ever risked? Have you risked disapproval? Have you ever risked economic security? Have you ever risked a belief? I see nothing particularly courageous about risking one’s life. So you lose it, you go to your hero’s heaven and everything is milk and honey ’til the end of time. Right? You get your reward and suffer no earthly consequences. That’s not courage. Real courage is risking something that might force you to rethink your thoughts and suffer change and stretch consciousness. Real courage is risking one’s cliche’s.

Tom Robbins

“Milk and honey” is one of the oldest expressions in the English language. It appears in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and it was used by Chaucer in the 14th century. But what does it mean? The phrase “milk and honey” is often used to describe a place or condition of…

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